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Katie Schroeder


Journalist Product Managera month ago

To My Fellow Book Lovers

August 9th is National Book Lover's Day! In honor of the day, I want to ask some quick questions to all my fellow book lovers.

Why do you read books?

For me, reading is a great way to process events in my life both past and present through the experiences of a character. I also love the opportunity to see how different authors write stories. But most importantly, it is fun.

What is your favorite book cover?

We all know the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" but who doesn't love a book that is beautiful inside and out? I have weakness for creative book covers, and it's even better when the book is worth the read.

What book that makes you cry?

For me it is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. It was a very raw depiction of an orphaned boy with no steady guardian, a difficult read emotionally.

Do you have a childhood favorite book (or series)?

Books carry nostalgia for me like nothing else. My favorite childhood author is probably Elizabeth Enright, C.S. Lewis was another favorite but that has carried over into my adulthood.

Please share your answers in the comment section below!