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Katie Schroeder


Journalist Product Managera month ago

Public Opinion on Education Styles

Pictured above are the results of an Instagram poll featured on the Daily News Facebook page last week asking which learning style community members would prefer going into the 2021-2022 school year. There were a total of roughly 99 respondents over a 24 hour period. About 44 percent wanted in-person schooling without masks, 39 percent wanted hybrid schooling, 9 percent preferred homeschooling and 7 percent in-person with masks.

A second survey demonstrated that an even higher percentage of people prefer in person learning without masks. Out of 20 total respondents, 17 voted for in-person without masks, the three others voted for hybrid, home-school and in-person with masks, respectively.

Some of the respondents explained why they chose the option they did, some of their answers are listed here.

In-Person (without masks):

"We need normal and I feel it’s safe enough."

"Wear a mask if you want. Let others do as they want. Get the vaccine if you want or don’t. Do what best for you. Don’t force people to do things they don’t want to."

"My family and oldest child have been vaccinated."

"My kids suffered with headaches from wearing masks last year. I will homeschooling if they have to wear mask(s) this year."

In-Person (with masks):

"The Delta variant is concerning. I teach elementary age students who are not eligible to be vaccinated yet. We need to weigh the risk of illness against the need to provide an education in the least disruptive manner. Masking and the other COVID protocols we used last school year such as cohort groups, distancing, and extra cleaning helped keep our students and staff safe. I believe we need to continue with those protocols to keep our kids learning. There is risk but wearing masks and distancing while in school has been proven to be a way to lessen that risk."


"A shorter day together means less contamination."

The Daily News' @Audra Anderson reported that the Minnesota Department of Health is recommending masks for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals indoors. The local school districts are not required to follow these guidelines. Decisions regarding mask-wearing will be made at the August 18 school board meeting for the Breckenridge School district.

What are your thoughts about schooling for the upcoming school year? What decision are you hoping the school boards will make?