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Katie Schroeder

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Journalist Product Manager17 days ago

Emergency Services Stories

In rural communities within Richland and Wilkin counties, emergency services personnel have unique challenges due to the amount of area they are covering. In a recent Daily News article by @Audra Anderson, emergency medical technician Kristen Soule shared about the challenges and rewards of being an EMT.

I have some memories of interacting with EMT's as a child. My family was in a bad car crash which totaled our vehicle and it was comforting to see familiar faces of people from my community coming to help.

Local firefighters across the two counties frequently have day jobs which they balance along with their commitment as volunteer firefighters. The Daily News' @Frank Stanko interviewed fireman Beau Cappelen recently, if you are interested feel free to check it out here. I am wondering what experiences members of the community have had with emergency services. Share your thoughts or stories below!

  • What has your experience been with emergency services (ambulance, fire department, etc.) in Wilkin and Richland counties?
  • Do you have any stories you would like to share about the impact emergency service members have had on your life?
  • Are you or someone you know a part of the volunteer fire department or some other branch of emergency services? How has that impacted you?