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Audra Anderson

General Questions

Assistant Managing Editora month ago

What makes you happy? Comment below!

I like to search for fun holidays each month. Some of them are absurd, some seem like an excuse to eat a certain food, but many are wholesome. Searching through August's calendar, I found Aug. 8 is Happiness Happens Day and the whole month is Happiness Happens Month. Turns out there's a group behind it called the Society of Happy People (SOHP), founded in 1998 by Pamela Gail Johnson. They created Admit You’re Happy Day in 1999, which eventually evolved to Happiness Happens Day. Each year has a different theme. This year's theme is "count your happy." It encourages people to write down small moments throughout the day that make them happy. The SOHP even has a happiness counter with 31 different types of happiness you can experience, like relief, spiritual, creative or nostalgic.

Now, I want to hear your small moments!

Here's a few of mine: I put a lemon bandana on my dog, I got fresh greens from my friend's mom's garden, I put pumpkin spice syrup in my coffee today because I'm excited for fall.