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Katie Schroeder

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Journalist Product Manager10 days ago

When Does Fall Start for You?

"Heating season is upon us."

That is one of my dad's favorite sayings to declare the oncoming cold weather. Growing up on a farm, we would spend a lot of the summer and fall months preparing for the cold weather. We would bale hay, harvest the garden and cut firewood. Even though the season was often full of a lot of extra winter preparations, I loved feeling the bite in the air which signaled that fall was upon us.

When does fall start for you?

What preparations do you go through to get ready for winter?

My preparations usually involve gathering a ridiculous amount of sweaters and hoodies, making sure I have an ice scraper and ensuring I have boots that can handle snow.

Also, I drink and eat way too many things with "pumpkin" or "pumpkin spice" in the title.